6 'Frozen' In-Jokes and Easter Eggs in the New 'Frozen Fever'

Ethan Alter
·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Frozen Fever — the animated short that precedes Disney’s new live-action version of Cinderella — is an all-new adventure about Arendelle’s ice queen Elsa and her sandwich-loving sister, Anna. But the cartoon also packs a number of in-jokes about the 2013 blockbuster into its slender 8-minute runtime. Here are some of the Frozen callbacks you can expect to see in Frozen Fever. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

1. Event Planning Still Isn’t One of Elsa’s Special Powers
The first Frozen found Elsa causing chaos on her own Coronation Day by inadvertently unleashing her ice-spewing. Frozen Fever is set entirely on Anna’s birthday and — wouldn’t you know it? — her older sister is still (accidentally) causing trouble, this time by catching a cold that results in an invasion of tiny snowmen called “snowgies” (among other mishaps). At least the queen recognizes that she’s got a problem when it comes to celebrating major life events, at one point chiding herself for ruining another big day for Anna. Clearly, it’s time to make always-trusty reindeer Sven the palace’s chief party planner.  

2. Elsa Gets to Let It Go…Again
After acknowledging that she’s under the weather, Elsa insists that a mere cold won’t break her stride, because — sing it with us, now — “A cold never bothered me anyway!” C’mon, you knew that was coming.

3. Anna Gets to Finish Her Own Sandwich
After being roused from slumber by her overeager sister, Anna (once again displaying an epic case of bedhead) follows Elsa out of the palace into the courtyard. Along the way, she spots a stray sandwich—a food group she and Hans expressed their mutual affection for in their anthem “Love Is an Open Door,” repeating an Arrested Development joke in the process—and swipes it for a late-morning snack.

4. Hans Looks Pooped
Speaking of that duplicitous prince, a quick scene towards the end of the film reveals that Hans has been tried and sentenced by the court of the Southern Isles. His punishment? Shoveling manure, an exhausting, irritating gig. Sounds about right considering that he’s a piece of…well, you know.

5. Oaken Is Once Again Undressed for Success 
Arendelle’s top retailer, Oaken, has brought his trading post from the mountains to the city proper, bundling his wares (and his sauna) into a cart. Too bad he’s still stocking seasonally inappropriate clothing. In Frozen, he could only offer Anna summer gear in the middle of an Elsa-generated snowstorm. Here, he’s hawking heavy cloaks, even though it’s a beautiful summer day. Next thing you know, he’ll be hawking ice umbrellas in a rainstorm.    

6. It’s the Return of the Stay-Iced Marshmallow Monster
Even though she’s moved back to her Arendelle digs full-time, Elsa still apparently maintains her mountaintop ice castle, which is watched over by her frozen monster/property manager, Marshmallow. The poor creature is now going to have to add “babysitter” to his list of duties, though, since those adorably hyperactive snowgies are moving in full time. We smell the makings of a hit reality series!    

Did you spot any Frozen in-jokes we might have missed? Let us know in the comments. And watch the trailer for Frozen Fever below: