From Sketch to Screen: See Cecil B. DeMille Films Come Alive

No doubt Cecil B. DeMille belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of Hollywood. From directing the pioneering 1914 silent film The Squaw Man (the first feature for Paramount Pictures), to helming such enduring epics as Cleopatra starring Claudette Colbert, The Greatest Show on Earth with Jimmy Stewart, and, of course, The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, DeMille was not only prolific, but when adjusted for inflation, he remains the most commercially successful director-producer of all time. He also devised countless techniques still in use today.

Yahoo Movies spoke with the late filmmaker's granddaughter Cecilia de Mille Presley — a champion for the preservation of cinematic history and the co-author of Cecil B. DeMille: The Art of the Hollywood Epic. The weighty volume is a treasure trove of photos and illustrations, many of which have never been publicly released. Here are some of those amazing images, with de Mille Presley's personal commentary.