'Friendsgiving': Malin Akerman on 'crazy S&M scene' with Husband, Jack

Monday on "The Talk," Malin Akerman dishes on what it was like producing her first movie, "Friendsgiving" and acting alongside husband, Jack [Donnelly]. "It was fantastic. My friend Nicol Paone, who I've known for probably 15 years, wrote and directed this film. It's very loosely based on our lives. We were both going through break ups, and were dealing with them very differently." Akerman shares details about a wild sex scene with husband, Jack, who plays her boyfriend in the film. "Who better to do it with than your husband? It's a really, kind of, intimate, crazy scene, and so thank God we know each other well enough instead of just meeting someone on the first day - going alright, now go and do this crazy S&M scene. It was lovely to have him there." Carrie Ann Inaba asks, "Was it your call, as a producer... your husband was naked a lot in this film." Akerman responds, "You know, you gotta share it."