Friday Five: Ashnikko samples Kelis, Flo Milli's Fiddler on the Roof , and more

Marcus Jones
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Every Friday, EW's music team runs down the five best songs of the week. In today's edition, G Flip teams with mxmtoon, Citizen deliver an undeniable banger, Beach Bunny lean into more confrontational lyricism, Ashnikko flips a Kelis sample, and Flo Milli stars in her own Fiddler on the Roof remake.

"Deal With It" — Ashnikko feat. Kelis

The London-based alt-rapper known for her electric blue pigtails and preternatural brashness lives up to the title of her new mixtape Demidevil by telling an ex to "bеg for it, plead, you can suck it" on this buoyant breakup anthem. While the Kelis feature only amounts to a sample of her classic "Caught Out There," it's put to excellent use providing one last vengeful gut-punch to the song's intended recipient. —Marcus Jones

"I Want to Kill You" — Citizen

Back in the early 2010s, Citizen's breed of moody alt-emo put them at the forefront of the short-lived "soft grunge" movement. Their 2013 debut, Youth, is a tentpole of that era's convergence of '90s emo, abrasive pop-punk, and humbly anthemic alt-rock, but their follow-ups in 2015 and 2017 veered closer to shoegaze and deflated dream-pop than anything fans could shout along to. "I Want to Kill You" is the lead single from their first record in four years, and it's the catchiest, most electric track they've ever recorded. Here, frontman Mat Kerekes trades his melancholy croon for a spirited yawp that sizzles and snaps over the girthy bassline and taut hi-hat smacks. It's like a more ragged take on the peppy spin-class soundtracks that Phoenix and Bloc Party doled out in the late 2000s, and as weird as that might seem coming from a band like Citizen, "I Want to Kill You" is an undeniable banger. —Eli Enis

"Queen" — G Flip feat. mxmtoon

Is it too early in the year to roll down the windows and blast an adorational jam? Certainly passersby will enjoy G Flip inquiring, "Who the f--- made you so strong?" Produced by Rostam and featuring singer mxmtoon, of viral "Prom Dress" fame, this bouncy single from the Australian artist transcends any cheesiness around the pet name "queen," providing some genuine motivational vibes for all who need them. —M.J.

"Nice Guys" — Beach Bunny

Between their early TikTok hit "Prom Queen" and last year's Honeymoon album, Beach Bunny have found their calling in universally relatable songs about intimacy and insecurity. On their new Blame Game EP, the Chicago power-pop band continue to refine their catchy-crunchy sweet spot while frontperson Lili Trifilio leans into more confrontational lyricism. "Nice Guys" is a scathing indictment of softboy mind games, and Trifilio treats her wishy-washy subjects with the frankness they deserve. "You're inconsistent/Claiming I'm your everything, but also not your type," she fires off during the second verse. Every line reads like it's the zenith of a scorching callout text, but the real kicker arrives in the last bar of the hook: "You win me like a trophy, not a consolation prize." Get 'em. —E.E.

"Roaring 20s" — Flo Milli

Flo Milli's new single is true to form: braggadocios, vengeful, funny — and that's before we even get to the production, which flips Zero Mostel's aspirational "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof into an audacious trap beat. "I made my own lane and I took advantage/You can't hate on p---- if it rule the planet/ I just came in the game and I'm doin' damage," raps the 21-year-old Alabama artist. Now do "Sunrise, Sunset." —Alex Suskind

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