French Police Break Up 81-Person Orgy Over COVID-19 Curfew Violation

Gavin Evans
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Image via Getty/Anadolu Agency

Last Friday police in the French commune of Collegien—which sits less than 20 miles east of Paris—busted up a sizable orgy due to its violation of the country's COVID-19 curfew.

Authorities responded to the party around 9 p.m., which is three hours after the curfew goes into effect. Note that said curfew restricts movement between 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.

When police arrived at the scene, they found 11 people in the parking lot. Due to legalities they were not allowed entrance into the warehouse until 11 p.m., but when they finally got inside they learned what they were dealing with.

“The event was in breach of the curfew, and there were also problems with masks and social distancing,” said an investigator to the Independent. “Those involved in the party cooperated with the police, and there was no resistance to the police.”

All told, 81 people in attendance were given fines of 135 Euros (around $161) for breaking curfew. Three people were taken in for questioning due to the belief that they were the organizers of the "libertine party."

The Independent adds that sound systems, light installations, and alcohol were confiscated.

Consider this the latest in European sex parties to be shut down due to their disregard for COVID rules, following in the footsteps of a 52-person event at a house in Belgium that was busted up in December, and another one that happened a few weeks before that in Brussels (so, also Belgium) that led to the resignation of Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer.

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