French’s Introduces Ketchup-Flavored Popsicle, and the Reaction Doesn’t Disappoint: ‘Go to Hell’

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French’s, a condiment brand mostly known for its mustard, inspired an internet meltdown Monday over its new ketchup popsicle.

The brand touted its “refreshingly savoury & sweet ketchup popsicle, made from 100% Canadian tomatoes,” which will be available for a limited time this summer in Canada.

Reactions ranged from “yuk” emojis to multiple references to the 1995 Chris Farley/David Spade comedy “Tommy Boy,” in which Spade tells Farley, “You could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.”

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“If you hear Ketchup Popsicle & don’t think of Tommy Boy, you’re doing it wrong” tweeted ESPN’s Jen Lada.

“[Farley’s character] “Big Tom Callahan could sell em!” tweeted Charlie O’Dell.

“Growing up in Chicago, my parents never let me put this on my hot dog flavored ice cream bar and they were right,” tweeted Paul Pabst, an executive producer of “The Dan Patrick Show.”

“I can only assume that this kind of stuff is why a Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in almost 3 decades,” quipped another naysayer.

John Barchard, who hosts an Eagles podcast, wrote, “Dear @Frenchs, You and your Canadian friends that eat these can go to hell.”

New Left Radio co-host Joe Roberts added, “In the future, when historians ask where our society went wrong, we can point to this exact moment.”

Other winning comments: “I’ve never wanted to invade Canada more,” and, “There is truly no god.”

And a few helpful suggestions, such as “Dip in frozen fries.”

You can buy your “Frenchsicle” via this Clubhouse site. The tomato-based ‘sicles are made in collaboration with Happy Pops, a local Canadian business specializing in all-natural ice pops.