Freeway Opens Up About Son's Passing: 'They Say God Tests the Ones He Loves'

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When Roc-A-Fella was at its height, Philadelphia Freeway was one of the anchors that helped the label stake its claim. Since then, Freeway has fought through a lot of adversity. Yet none has been harder than the recent death of his son.

During an appearance on Jeezy's The (Re)Session podcast, Freeway explains that his faith has helped him cope with losing a child.

"It's like what I told you about Islam and about God," Freeway said to Jeezy around the conversation's 29-minute mark. "Without that, I don't know where I would be at right now. But my faith in God and my understanding in God really got me through."

Freeway goes on to touch on some of the hardships 2020 has dealt him. He disclosed that his daughter was diagnosed with cancer in September and she is gearing up to start a new treatment.

"So, we're dealing with that and for my son to die in October," Freeway continued. "They say God tests the ones he loves. He must love me because I've been getting hit with a lot of tests."

Last month, Freeway revealed that his son, Jihadd, passed.

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