“Free Sky Ferreira” Banner Flies Over Capitol Records in Los Angeles

Sky Ferreira
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A banner emblazoned with the slogan “Free Sky Ferreira” has flown above Capitol Records’ offices in Los Angeles. The fans responsible are protesting against the apparent delay of Ferreira’s much-anticipated second album, which has been in the works for the better part of a decade. The latest stunt comes a month after the same fan group purchased a billboard with the “Free Sky Ferreira” slogan in New York’s Times Square.

Ferreira released her acclaimed debut record Night Time, My Time in 2013. The singer has spoken out on numerous occasions in the years since about the difficulties she’s experienced with releasing new music. Following the billboard appearing in Times Square last month, Ferreira shared a photo to her Instagram story with the caption, “It’s true”.

Free Sky Ferreira Banner Flies Over LA

The follow-up to Night Time, My Time was announced in 2015. Masochism, as the album is called, was meant to be released that year, but it never surfaced. Ferreira addressed the delay in a 2016 Instagram post, writing, “I refuse to put out something that isn’t honest. It’s not something that I can force out. If I was to do it any sooner I either would have been compromising myself & anyone listening”.

Single ‘Downhill Lullaby’ arrived in 2019, and a second single, ‘Don’t Forget‘, followed in May 2022. In January 2023 Ferreira spoke about the delay, telling fans it was “beyond fucked up”. “I am not a hysterical/lying/lazy lunatic. I can pull up performances from 2014 of unreleased singles too. This is beyond fucked up. I am so frustrated & over it,” she said.

“Being ‘difficult’ or ‘high strung; doesn’t give people the right to damage & stall my career,” Ferreira continued. “I am in a DIFFICULT situation & I have to be ‘difficult’ to get through it. I have to protect my work & myself somehow? A lot of it is not being allowed to say or do anything I want/need without it being dismissed.”

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