Like free movies? Then watch these 3 great films this weekend (March 15-17)

A man aims his gun in Safe.
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We’re living in a movie world dominated by sandworms (Dune: Part Two) and lethal pandas (Kung Fu Panda 4), and that’s perfectly fine. The box office is up, people are enthused about films again, and the 2024 Oscars showed people still give a damn about quality entertainment.

If you’ve already traveled to Arrakis and seen those kick-ass pandas, there’s still a wealth of streaming options available for the weekend. If you want to save a few extra dollars, Digital Trends has compiled a short list of three movies you can stream for free this weekend. The occasional ad break is worth it, especially for the three films below.

Wolf (1994)

A man holds a sleeping woman in Wolf.
Columbia Pictures

Now, here’s a movie that works on multiple levels. While ostensibly a horror movie, given its plot (a man turns into a bloodthirsty, supernatural killer) and title (it’s called Wolf, for pity’s sake), it’s also a sly workplace comedy and a surprisingly touching romance. But first, the plot: Middle-aged book editor Will Randall finds himself pushed out of his job by younger rival Stewart, a marriage that’s pretty much dead, and, worst of all, he’s bitten by a rabid wolf one dark, moonlight night. That bite turns out to be a gift as well as a curse, as Will slowly transforms into a werewolf, where he gains an increased vigor, strength, and sense of smell, which is just the antidote for a mid-life crisis.

Wolf was directed by Mike Nichols, and it shows his gift for witty, tossed-off dialogue (Will: “You’re such a polished ass-kisser, it takes my breath away.” Stewart: “I kiss ’em like I see ’em.”) and giving his lead performers meaty characters they can, uh, sink their teeth into. And when those performers are Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer, you get a forbidden romance that’s tinged with cynicism and irony but also pretty damn hot, too.

Wolf is streaming on Tubi.

Safe (2012)

A man points a gun in Safe.

One of 2024’s few success stories was The Beekeeper, an enjoyably silly action movie starring the king of B-grade action movies, Jason Statham. Those looking for more Statham, but in a better movie, should stream Safe. Boaz Yakin’s 2012 movie stars Statham as Luke Wright, a bruiser who accidentally wins a fixed fight. In retaliation, the Russian mafia murders his wife and unborn child, which at first leaves Luke suicidal, and then hungry for revenge. Makes sense to me!

Throw in a young girl in danger of becoming a child slave, the Chinese Triad, and corrupt NYPD cops, and you have a now-classic formula for a Jason Statham action picture: slightly cheesy, wildly unbelievable, and unabashedly fun. As visually appealing as it is to see Statham fight mutant sharks or race CG cars off of tall buildings, it’s more impressive just watching him take on a room full of bad dudes with just his fists (and a little bit of luck).

Safe is streaming on Tubi.

Last Night in Soho (2021)

A woman walks down the stairs in Last Night at Soho.

Some movies have more style than substance and are a pain to watch as a result. Director Edgar Wright’s Last Night In Soho isn’t one of those films. Yes, its plot is a bit thin, and the ending stretches the limits of rationality, but this is a fun, twisted rollercoaster ride, and a treat for those who love the Swinging ’60s.

Eloise “Ellie” Turner (Eileen‘s Thomasin McKenzie) is a mousy fashion student who is experiencing dreams of living another life as Sandie (Dune: Part Two‘s Anya Taylor-Joy), an aspiring singer and good-time gal in 1960s London who went missing. Ellie becomes convinced that Sandie was murdered by her lover, shady Jack (The Crown‘s Matt Smith), and even though it happened nearly 50 years ago, she is determined to find him and avenge poor Sandie. As Ellie loses herself to her visions, Last Night in Soho becomes more absurd and, in the process, a blast to watch. Taylor-Joy’s mod babe Sandy is the MVP here; you can believe she could drive men wild in the ’60s and make a woman obsessed with her a half-century after she lived.

Watch Last Night in Soho on Freevee.