Free money from Amazon: Last chance to get $25 before Prime Day 2021

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Can you believe Prime Day 2021 starts in just three days?! We definitely can’t. Perhaps it’s because last year’s Prime Day was delayed until October, so it feels like Prime Day 2021 snuck up on us so fast. Whatever the case though, we’re certainly not complaining because we can’t wait to get our hands on all the crazy deals that Amazon has planned for us this year! If you feel the same way, then we have some great news — you don’t have to wait another minute because Amazon’s early Prime Day sale is now underway with so many deals, you won’t believe it. Examples include Amazon’s $98 Echo Auto bundle with 6 months of free Amazon Music Unlimited for just $14.99 (that’s not a typo!), the $83 Fire TV Stick 4K Essentials Bundle for $55.97, Amazon’s Echo Buds AirPods rivals for the insanely low price of $79.99, and a slew of other early Prime Day deals you can find on this special Amazon page.

Then, in addition to all those incredible deals, there are also a bunch of fantastic deals that are available to anyone, not just Prime members. Examples include AirPods Pro for just $197 instead of $249, TP-Link’s insanely popular new Kasa mini smart plugs for just $6.07 each, and the hot new YABER Pro V7 portable home theater projector for just $259.99 instead of $600. How crazy is that last one?!

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Those deals are all phenomenal, but it’s also true that they’ll only appeal to certain people who are on the lookout for products in those particular categories. Once in a while, however, a deal comes along that anyone and everyone should take advantage of. Needless to say, there’s no better example of that than a deal that gets you free money from Amazon! And now, you have not one but two opportunities to score some free money ahead of Prime Day 2021 on June 21 and June 22.

Amazon eGift Card
Amazon eGift Card

Amazon eGift Card

Price: Spend $50, Get a $15 Credit
Coupon Code: GIFTCARD2021 (by 6/28)
Buy Now

Amazon is offering a new gift card promotion ahead of Prime Day and you would have to be flat-out crazy to pass it up… as long as you’re eligible to get in on the action. All you really need to know is that you can score yourself a $15 Amazon credit on your account just for buying a $50 Amazon gift card and using a special coupon code at checkout.

But wait — you haven’t even heard the best part yet.

Instead of buying a physical gift card or sending a card to someone else, just spend $50 on an eGift card that you just send to yourself by entering your own email address as the recipient. You’re going to spend that money at Amazon during Prime Day anyway, so this way you’ll get an extra $15!

There are really only a few things you need to know about this awesome promo. First, head over to Amazon’s website and add a $50 Amazon gift card to your cart. If you want, you can send it to someone else as a gift — don’t forget that Father’s Day 2021 is this coming Sunday — but you can also make yourself the recipient so the funds just end up being added back to your own Amazon account. As we noted earlier, you know you’ll be spending $50 at Amazon anyway, so why not just load that money into your Amazon account now? Then, when you check out, be sure to use the coupon code GIFTCARD2021. Your new $50 Amazon gift card will be emailed to you or your recipient (or to yourself) right away, and then you’ll see a $15 credit added to your Amazon account within a few days. With similar offers like this in the past, the promotional credit ends up hitting your account either the same day or the next day.

Importantly, there’s no guesswork involved with figuring out if this promotion will work for you because you can find out before you pay. No, you definitely shouldn’t just buy a gift card and then cross your fingers in hopes that the promo credit appears on your account.

Here’s how it works: After you enter the promo code while you’re checking out, you should see the following message near the top of the page:

Congratulations, your purchase qualifies you for an credit. A one-time $15 promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account and emailed to you within three (3) days after shipping.

If you don’t see that message, you’re not eligible for the promotion so you can just delete the gift card from your shopping cart and move along.

Are you wondering why this promo wouldn’t work for you? Well, that’s the bad news and it leads us to the only caveat. That’s right… you knew there had to be a catch.

This new gift card promotion is only available to people who have never purchased Amazon gift cards before from the Amazon site before, so you’re ineligible if you’ve ever ordered one in the past. If you only bought Amazon gift cards from a local retail shop though, you don’t have to worry about it. And don’t forget, if there’s more than one person in your household, you can try scoring this promo with their account instead. Heck, you should all be cashing in anyway!

There’s also an even easier way to see if you’re eligible: just visit the promo page on Amazon’s site. If you see a message that says “unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer,” it means you’ve purchased an Amazon gift card at some point in the past so you can’t take advantage of this deal. Plenty of people out there haven’t ever bought Amazon gift cards before though, or they’ve only bought physical Amazon gift cards in a store so they’re still eligible for the promotion.

This is an awesome way to get some free cash from Amazon. Buy yourself a $50 Amazon gift card and you’ll end up with $65. Why would anyone pass that up?!

There are a bunch of terms and conditions on Amazon’s site, but this is the key bit that you’ll want to make note of:

In order to qualify for the promotional credit, you must: (1) be the recipient of the corresponding offer (either via email or on; (2) purchase at least $50 in Amazon Gift Cards (“GCs”) in a single order at between January 1, 2021, and June 28, 2021, 11:59 PM (PT); and (3) enter the promotional code “GIFTCARD2021” in the “Gift Cards & Promotional Codes” box when you check out or click the button to add the coupon to your account.

Anyone who wants to see the rest of Amazon’s T&C can check out the promo page right here.

Amazon eGift Card
Amazon eGift Card

Amazon eGift Card

Price: Spend $50, Get a $15 Credit
Coupon Code: GIFTCARD2021 (by 6/28)
Buy Now

Then, on top of that, there’s another special promotion that’s specifically to Prime Day.

Amazon is doing its best to promote all the small businesses that sell on its site, so there’s a big promo that gives you a free Amazon credit for “shopping small.” Until the end of the day on June 20 just before Prime Day begins, you can get a $10 Amazon credit when you spend at least $10 with any of 300,000 participating small businesses. More details about the promotion can be found on Amazon’s Support Small page.

Use both of these promotions and that’s a total of $25 in Amazon credit that you can score ahead of Prime Day 2021!

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