Free Comic Book Day 2024 List & Info You Need to Know

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Annually held on the first Saturday in May, Free Comic Book Day is a major event for comic fans around the world. Publishers use the day to premiere new titles and promote upcoming events. Local comic shops and libraries use it to encourage literacy and lure in new readers. To aid in this, SuperHeroHype has assembled a summary of titles being released as part of Free Comic Book Day 2024.

DC Comics Free Comic Book Day Offerings

Absolute Power FCBD Special Cover by Dan Mora
(Image Source: DC / Dan Mora)

DC Comics‘ chief release is Absolute Power Special Edition #1, which kicks off their big summer event. They have also produced the following Free Comic Book Day books.

  • Barda 2024 FCBD Special Edition #1 – aimed at teen audiences, this comic puts a modern YA spin on the romance between Big Barda and Mister Miracle.

  • Barkham Asylum FCBD Special Edition #1 – this kid-friendly comic centers around the mischievous pets of Gotham City’s greatest supervillains.

  • MAD Magazine 2024 FCBD Special Edition #1 – a collection of classic MAD Magazine comics, focused on DC Comics’ superheroes.

Marvel Comics Free Comic Book Day Offerings

Ultimate Universe Spider-Man FCBD cover by Ryan Stegman
(Image Source: Marvel / Ryan Stegman)

Blood Hunt/ X-Men #1 presents a tease for the Blood Hunt event and a preview of the upcoming X-Men relaunch. Marvel’s other major title, Ultimate Universe/Spider-Man #1, acts as a guide to the new Ultimate Universe line and a preview of Amazing Spider-Man #50. Marvel Comics has also produced the following Free Comic Book Day books.

  • Marvel’s Voices #1 – Collects comics from the Marvel Voices imprint, which is devoted to spotlighting diverse heroes and creators.

  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends #1 – Kid-friendly comic based on the hit Disney Junior series. Includes activity pages, as well as comics staring Spidey, Miles and Ghost Spider.

  • Star Wars #1 – contains two original stories based on the current Star Wars and Darth Vader series.

Gold Tier Free Comic Book Day Titles

jonny quest
(Image Source: Warner Bros.)

The Gold Tier of Free Comic Book Day offerings are 12 titles chosen by the FCBD Selection Committee. These books are the ones determined to have the broadest appeal to new readers. They offer a wide variety of what the comics medium has to offer.

  • Absolute Power Special Edition #1

  • Blood Hunt/ X-Men #1

  • Disney’s Encanto & Turning Red: The New Adventures – Published by Papercutz, this book presents comics based on the hit Disney animated movies.

  • Hellboy/Stranger Things Dark Horse Comics presents two horrific stories tied into the Hellboy and Stranger Things series.

  • Jonny Quest Dynamite Entertainment revives the classic Hanna-Barbera series about boy adventurer Jonny Quest.

  • Pokémon Adventures: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire/ Splatoon 3 Viz Media’s offering presents two kid-friendly comics based on the popular Nintendo games.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW presents a preview of their upcoming new TMNT series and two original stories.

  • Transformers & G.I. Joe: Welcome to the Energon Universe – Features three new stories from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment’s Energon Universe. The stories include the Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Void Rivals.

  • Ultimate Universe/Spider-Man #1

  • Unicorn Crush – A tale of love and magic, this collects several stories from the children’s series Phoebe and Her Unicorn.

  • Witches of Brooklyn – An introduction and continuation of the hit comic about a young urban witch named Effie.

  • The Worlds of James Tynion IVBOOM! Studios presents a curated collection of horror stories by the popular writer of Something is Killing the Children.

All Ages Free Comic Book Day Titles

Eye Lie Popeye 1 Cover cropped by Marcus Williams
(Image Source: Massive Publishing / Marcus Williams)

Free Comic Book Day is an all-ages event, but many of the comics produced for it are aimed at Teen or older audiences. However, it is also intended to help parents find suitable reading material for their young readers. To that end, here are all the FCBD 2024 titles appropriate for younger readers.

  • Asterix Olympics Special #1

  • Barkham Asylum FCBD Special Edition #1

  • BOOM! Box 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

  • Disney’s Encanto & Turning Red: The New Adventures

  • Doctor Who: Fifteenth Doctor #1

  • Eye Lie Popeye #1

  • InvestiGators

  • Jonny Quest

  • Katie Cattsitter/Max Meow Mashup

  • Loud House Special

  • Maleficent #1

  • Monster High

  • Night Librarian

  • Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics

  • Pokémon Adventures: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire/ Splatoon 3

  • Snoopy Beagle Scout Adventures

  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends #1

  • Star Wars/ Plants vs. Zombies

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Ultraduck Sampler

  • Unico Awakening

  • Unicorn Crush

  • Witches of Brooklyn

Teen & Mature Free Comic Book Day Titles

Conan Battle of the Black Stone FCBD Special cover by Roberto De La Torre
(Image Source: Titan Comics / Roberto De La Torre)

Here are the remaining Free Comic Book Day titles, rated for Teen readers and older.

  • Archie Horror Presents The Cursed Library Prelude

  • Conan: Battle of the Black Stone (MATURE)

  • Cursedverse: Blighted Dawn

  • Dying Inside (MATURE)

  • Far Cry: Cull the Herd

  • Flash Gordon #0

  • Gannibal (MATURE)

  • Gatchaman #0

  • Initial D and Kaina and the Great Snow Sea

  • One Piece: Ace’s Story-The Manga & Status Royale

  • Romeo and Juliet: A Kill Shakespeare Adventure

  • Stories From the Atlas Comic Library

  • Street Fighter vs. Final Fight #1

  • Tons of Strange

  • The Valiants

Where To Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2024

The Free Comic Book Day website has a handy Store Locator to help you find and support your local participating comic book shop or library. Many of these locations host special events with sales, celebrity guests, and costume contests. However, if you don’t have a handy local comic book shop or library, you can still download many of these books for free from Comixology.