Fred Armisen gives 15 Portlandia hints

'Portlandia': Fred Armisen gives you 15 esoteric hints about season 3

It’s time to get weird again — but in a totally organic way — as eco-friendly sketch series Portlandia, handcrafted by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, returns for a third season tonight at 10 p.m. on IFC. What can we expect from this new batch of episodes set in the progressive Pacific Northwest city? Armisen invokes the Police’s discography as metaphor. “Whereas the first season was very Outlandos d’Amour, and the second was Reggatta De Blanc,” he notes, “this is definitely Zenyatta Mondatta.” Let’s not stand so close to him so he has the room and the freedom to deliver 15 esoteric clues about season 3.

1. The mayor isn’t as ecologically conscious as he intended to be.

2. What does Roseanne have to do with a temp agency?

3. Birthdays are the new weddings.

4. Juliette Lewis: Atomic bomb about to go off (gracefully).

5. Patton Oswalt is a modern town crier.

6. What would you like to know about home studio recording?

7. Rose Byrne plays a compulsive personal investment.

8. The conscience of journalism will be played by George Wendt.

9. Do you remember MTV? Not the beginning, but the middle part of MTV?

10. Chloe Sevigny is charismatic and mysterious… and puts the friendship of Carrie and Fred to the test.

11. If you’re not happy with the music for kids that is out today and you have the instruments, make your own kids music. Instead of DIY, it’s… DYOKM.

12. Martina Navratilova is a superman/superwoman.

13. Bill Hader. New Zealand.

14. Where does your furniture come from? Do you have to buy it or would you be interested in making it? And what does it sound like when you make furniture?

15. It’s okay to go to the gym.

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