Frankie Muniz engaged to girlfriend Paige Price — days after their cat ruined their 5-story brownstone

Frankie Muniz‘s horribly bad week has turned around — with an engagement.

The Malcolm in the Middle star was devastated over the weekend when he returned to Phoenix from a funeral abroad to discover that his cat accidentally flooded his five-story brownstone. He and his live-in girlfriend, Paige Price, decamped to a hotel, where they then had to evacuate.

Paige Price and Frankie Muniz, pictured in September 2017, are engaged. (Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)
Paige Price and Frankie Muniz, pictured in September 2017, are engaged. (Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

While the former child star, who now hosts Dancing With the Stars Juniors, said the flood caused “destruction” to his home — every wall, floor and ceiling has to be replaced to prevent mold — he said Price has helped him “get through this. I’d be lost without her. She’s so strong and exactly what I need.” That apparently led to Muniz, 32, proposing.

Along with a series of photos snapped at Pinal Fairgrounds & Event Center in Casa Grande, Price shared the engagement news on Monday. She called Muniz the man of her dreams. “Francisco Muniz IV, you’re more than a dream to me,” she wrote. “You teach me every day, you compliment me when I’m at my worst, and you push me past the edge but you’re there to pick me up when I start showing signs of falling. I love every piece of you, and I appreciate you more and more every single day. I truly cannot wait to be your wife.” She ended by saying the star is the “master of proposals” and revealed that she “ugly cried” after he popped the question.

It doesn’t seem that their cats helped with the proposal, which appeared to have taken place at Sunday’s The Lantern Fest at the venue, but they have two and one “accidentally turned on a sink” when the couple was in France for his uncle’s funeral, leaving the home “under 3 feet of water. Everything I own, destroyed. Every wall, piece of artwork, personal photos, furniture.” Price later wrote on Instagram, that much of the furniture was salvageable. Nonetheless, Muniz was “devastated” by the “destruction.” He wrote, “I’ve cried more yesterday and today then my whole life combined.”

He also later posted which of the cats was the guilty party. It’s Zzyzx Muniz-Price, the itty bitty Lykoi on the right.

Muniz was previously engaged, to Elycia Turnbow in 2011, but has been dating Price for more than a year.

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