Frank Turner Releases New Song ‘Girl From The Record Shop’ From Upcoming Album ‘Undefeated’

Frank Turner
FRank Turner - Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Image
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English singer Frank Turner has released his new song, “Girl From The Record Shop,” marking the third tune from his upcoming album Undefeated, which is set to release on May 3rd under Xtra Mile Recordings.

In “Girl From the Record Shop,” Frank Turner sings about teenage love and the mistakes he made when he was young. The song is short and catchy, like a little nod to his love for music, and it reminds him of the dreams he had and the things he went through in the past.

Frank Turner – ‘Girl From the Record Shop’

Frank Turner’s new album, “Undefeated,” will talk about his life as he gets older, mixing memories of his wild younger days with the struggles of being middle-aged. He’ll sing about love, friendship, and how the pandemic changed things for everyone. It’s going to cover a lot of feelings and issues that people can relate to.

Talking about making his tenth album in a press release, Frank Turner recognizes the pressure to make something meaningful while also enjoying the freedom to try new creative things. “Girl From The Record Shop is a little power-pop flight of fancy, a teenage dream of romance for my inner music nerd, complete with an admission of my inevitable adolescent failure. Short sharp and to the point.. He said in a press release, “Now I’m surprised to report that as I enter my forties, I’ve returned to being an angry man,”

Frank Turner concluded by saying further. “Undefeated” not only digs deep into big themes but also shows off Turner’s musical skills, taking from influences like punk rock and folk. Made all by Turner himself, the album was recorded in his home studio on Mersea Island, Essex, with his live band members.


  1. ‘Do One’

  2. ‘Never Mind The Back Problems’

  3. ‘Ceasefire’

  4. ‘Girl From The Record Shop’

  5. ‘Pandemic PTSD’

  6. ‘Letters’

  7. ‘East Finchley’

  8. ‘No Thank You For The Music’

  9. ‘The Leaders’

  10. ‘International Hide and Seek Champions’

  11. ‘Show People’

  12. ‘On My Way’

  13. ‘Somewhere Inbetween’

  14. ‘Undefeated’

Pre-order via his official link here

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