Frances Bean Cobain Loses Father Kurt's Prized MTV Unplugged Guitar in Divorce Settlement

Frances Bean Cobain‘s divorce may be settled but she has lost one prized possession to her ex: her father’s famous guitar.

Kurt Cobain’s daughter settled her divorce to ex Isaiah Silva on Monday in court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

The 25-year-old married Silva in 2014 and filed for divorce in March 2016. In November, a judge declared the daughter of the Nirvana frontman a single woman despite the fact that the two were still dividing their assets.

One point of contention between them: the iconic Martin guitar Cobain played during his MTV Unplugged performance in November 1993. Cobain died in the following year in April of suicide.

Silva claimed the model had given him the guitar as a present, while she denied ever giving it to him. In November, The Blast reported the guitar is worth millions of dollars.

Kurt Cobain in 1993's MTV Unplugged

Despite the artist’s request for the judge to keep the guitar in her family, Silva will get to keep it.

In documents filed at the time, Cobain stated Silva should not be entitled to any money from her father’s estate, which is valued at $450 million.

The filing asked that all premarital assets including Cobain’s inheritance be awarded to her as separate property.

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Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva

The artist has been dating Matthew Cook since last fall, sharing Instagram photos and videos of him during their time together.

In April, she shared her first original song on the anniversary of her father’s death in a snippet on Instagram.

“I think I saw you when I was small/ I think I found you/ A penny for your good thoughts,” she sings in a video. “I think I found you/ Jesus hangs in your place on the cross/ All these hinges become unscrewed / Heaven knows it was a cage on earth.”

Cobain also writes to a user in the comments section that the full song features “a very freaky deeky line that goes ‘stable sable sold her heart/ no one asks her why she hides it in a casket in her house in a box/ find a fiend who reigns supreme in may/ fast enough for blooming buds to lay their eggs.’”

Frances Bean Cobain

When asked what the Nirvana frontman would think of her foray into songwriting, Frances offered an emotional and thoughtful response.

“I don’t have an answer for that because I don’t want to speak on someone else’s behalf,” she told E! News on the red carpet of the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles in April. “I would hope that he would be proud of the human being I am even if he didn’t like the art I am putting out. That’s all I would ask of anyone in my life.”

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The multi-talented artist also expanded on where she plans to place her creative efforts.

“With regards to music, I don’t want to pigeonhole myself and say I am a musician or a visual artist because I feel like it’s all-encompassing and I feel like every bit of my art is related to the other,” she explained. “So do I want to pursue my music further and see it come to fruition and see something further and see something palpable? Absolutely.”