Fran Drescher and The Rock are apparently both fielding requests to run for president

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Dwayne Johnson; Fran Drescher

Guys, remember the last time we had an entertainer run for president? That didn’t turn out too well, did it? Or go back even further: the last time a popular actor—one who was also once president of SAG!—became President of the United States? That kind of took a long-term toll on American politics, didn’t it? Do you really want to see that happen again? If the answer is no, then maybe stop telling people like Fran Drescher and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to get into politics!

Drescher’s popularity is at a new peak in the wake of the SAG-AFTRA strike, and now that the thing’s finally over, she has a little more time on her hands. Musing about her future with The Hollywood Reporter, The Nanny alum said she doesn’t “really see politics per se, but I do see myself doing something where I can leverage this for the greater good and be able to use my sensibility, which I think people respond to because it’s more authentic than maybe they’re used to from a lot of people that are out there.” Drescher said she now has time to “see what this was meant to do,” but added with a laugh, “Meryl Streep said to me, ‘This is great, now go run for president.’”

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And if people other than Meryl Streep wanted Drescher to run for office? “No, I don’t want that job,” she laughed again. “Oh boy. But I do think that we’ll see. Time will tell.” Hopefully, time will tell these guys to stick to their day jobs.

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