Fran Drescher Hails SNL Halloween Sketch as ‘Strike Supportive’ — Which SAG Member Begs to Differ?

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Fran Drescher says that this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live skit fashioning the SAG-AFTRA president as a Halloween costume-policing tyrant definitely falls under the “treat” category, whereas at least one guild member begs to differ.

In “Trick or Treat With Fran Drescher,” Sarah Sherman played TV’s erstwhile Nanny, who diligently either sent home kids who were clad in costumes promoting “struck” TV/movies work (in an exaggeration of SAG-AFTRA’s Halloween “guidance” for guild members themselves), or suggested quick tweaks to, say, transform Wolverine into “any gay man over 50,” or turn Super Mario into “the guy from the pizza box.”

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But while the early stretch of the sketch played into Drescher’s policing of costumes, the bit ultimately built to a pro-strike message about people who pretend they’re not at home when trick-or-treaters knock and instead cower inside eating “billions of Kit Kat bars, record numbers of Kit Kat bars.”

“All us actors are saying is, ‘Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar,'” Sherman-as-Drescher concluded.

In a “Happy Halloween” post to her Instagram account, Drescher shared a clip of said sketch, saying, “Did you catch the President Drescher skit on SNL? Gr8 timing and strike supportive. Ty SNL 💋👍💪👏”

Three-time Emmy winner Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) — who, I dunno, maybe didn’t watch through to the end…? — offered up a very different POV, writing on Instagram, “It’s so frightening that @officialfrandrescher our SAG/AFTRA President thinks this SNL skit is ‘strike supportive’ when it’s actually the opposite.

“It makes her look like a bimbo and out of touch which is the point and accuracy of the spoof. But she doesn’t get it,” Garrett posited. “This is the person in charge of the most crucial contract in our Unions history?! As she and the inept committee negotiate at a sloths pace while 90% of the industry struggles immeasurably. Wake the f—- up folks.”

The SAG-AFTRA strike is now at Day 111, and after a “productive” day of talks on Tuesday, the guild will again meet with the AMPTP today.

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