Foxy Brown Could Be A Key Witness In Tupac Shakur Murder Trial

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Foxy Brown is reportedly being sought out as a key witness in Tupac Shakur’s upcoming murder trial. The U.S. Sun reports that prosecutors are eyeing Brown as they believe the emcee has critical information that can place Keefe D, né Duane Davis, in Las Vegas the night 2Pac was murdered.

Keefe has maintained his innocence, insisting that there remains no proof that he was in Vegas during the night of the shooting. Still, the publication states that the Clark County District Attorney is in the process of compiling a list of witnesses who can recall him being in the City of Sin during that fateful night.

Authorities believe Foxy Brown briefly interacted with Keefe that day in Vegas and shortly before Pac was murdered the same day. This is information law enforcement lifted from Keefe D’s memoir Compton Street Legend, where he admitted that he met Foxy the night Shakur was shot. However, Davis has since gone on record to state that he fabricated everything he said about Pac’s demise.

The U.S. Sun shared an excerpt from the book that details Keefe interacting with the Brooklyn emcee in Vegas while receiving a weapon from a man named Eric Von Zip. “As I walked up to the driver’s side window, I noticed that the rapper, Foxy Brown, was in the car with [Eric Von] Zip,” the excerpt reads. “So he instructed her to step out of the car and motioned for me to jump in… Zip had a hidden compartment that he opened up, reached in, and pulled a black .40 Glock out. He turned to me and said, ‘It’s time to get the money.’

“Zip handed me the 17-shot pistol, which I promptly put down the back waist of my pants. I hopped out of the car, held the door open for Foxy Brown to get back in, closed the door, and they pulled off,” the excerpt concluded.

The autobiography also claimed that, “Prosecutors are now allegedly speaking with Foxy in an attempt to convince her to testify at the trial.”

Keefe D’s 2Pac murder trial was initially set to begin on June 3, but the trial has now been delayed to Nov. 4 due to Davis’ new attorney, Carl Arnold, asking for more time to examine and go through discovery materials regarding the case. Keefe and his team are looking to make bail, which is currently $750,000. If the man were to make bail, the judge overseeing the case stated that Davis would be able to serve house arrest with an ankle monitor.

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