Fox News's Neil Cavuto reads brutal hate mail he received while on hiatus: 'Damn, you're still alive?!!'

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Following a brief hiatus, Fox News host Neil Cavuto returned to Your World on Tuesday, where he opened the show by happily reading a litany of vitriolic emails he’d received upon coming back.

“OK, I'm back! Now, I thought that would be good news because I missed you guys while I was away. But apparently, it wasn't always mutual,” Cavuto said. “Welcome, everybody. I'm Neil Cavuto and this is Your World, and a lot of you preferred having Your World with someone else doing the show, apparently.”

Cavuto said he’d heard from a lot of viewers, and wanted to read some of them, and he clearly didn’t feel the need to ease into it.

“Damn, you're still alive?!! I kept looking in the obituaries but I knew something was up when I couldn’t find you,” the first email read, to which Cavuto replied, “Sorry to keep disappointing you.”

The next email read, “I don't know what you have on your bosses, but the only place I want to see your ugly moon face is on a milk carton!” “Moon face?” Cavuto responded. “I think they’re saying I’m fat.”

While Cavuto would later call this “healthy ribbing,” it’s hard to know for sure given his reputation as one of the few at Fox News who consistently contradicted former President Donald Trump, once even cutting away from a Trump speech to correct falsehoods about former President Barack Obama. One viewer alluded to Cavuto calling out Trump, and even went so far as to bring up Cavuto’s many health issues.

This viewer wrote, “Some call you a never-Trumper. I call you a never-anyone. You’re a jerk to everyone … a regular fair and balanced creep.” “So glad I impress you,” Cavuto said before finishing the email. “Anyway, I know you deal with a lot of health issues, so I figure I won’t have to put up with you forever, right?” Cavuto looked straight into the camera and addressed the viewer, saying, “Well, you know what? Just for that, yeah, forever, alright? Deal with that.”

Another viewer wrote in saying he’d prefer for Charles Payne and Sandra Smith, who covered for Cavuto while he was away, to take over for good. Cavuto felt the need to defend himself against this email, but not about the writer preferring the other hosts.

“Charles Payne has class. Sandra Smith has style. The only thing you have is a bad voice and an even worse TOUPE [sic]. Yet you're still on the air,” The viewer wrote. “Is this a great country or what, Cavuto?” “Alright, for once and for all, this is not a toupee,” Cavuto responded. “It's paint.”

Your World airs weekdays at 4 p.m. on Fox News Channel.

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