Fox weather reporter blown away demonstrating the force of Hurricane Ida wind

As Hurricane Ida pounded the Gulf Coast Sunday, Robert Ray, a reporter for the new Fox Weather streaming service, appeared on Fox Report With Jon Scott and decided to demonstrate the force of the wind. Ray and his crew had taken shelter in a New Orleans parking garage, and after he stepped out into the elements, he had a hard time getting back inside.

“We’ve had gusts up to almost 90 miles an hour, sustained over 60,” Ray said. “The second I step out, you’re going to see…”

At that point, Ray took a step backward into the wind and was nearly blown off screen. He fought his way back, but was being moved by the wind even when standing still. But rather than be blown off screen, this time Ray grabbed hold of the entrance to the parking garage and pulled himself in, saying, “This is no joke, folks.”

Ray went on to describe the damage they’d witnessed the wind doing to the city.

“Everything outside in New Orleans right now in many spots is unraveling, falling apart,” Ray said. “We’ve seen for the past three or four hours, Jon. Aluminum coming off buildings, the streets — just stuff starting to move off of people’s homes.”

And Ray recommended that people stay out of the wind.

“Very serious situation here right now,” Ray said. “If anyone is out there they need to get into shelter, cannot stress it enough, as this storm is just battering New Orleans right now.”

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