Fox News star Mark Levin calls out media for linking Trump supporters and conservatives to Capitol riot

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During his Sunday show Life Liberty, and Levin, Fox News host Mark Levin called out the media for linking the recent Capitol riot to outgoing President Trump and other conservatives. Despite working for the most-watched cable news channel in U.S. history, Levin believes he is a victim of the media. He even opened the show with a hyperbolic warning for his viewers.

“Warning,” he said. “Anything I say this evening will be used to attack me by the press, the Democrat party and never-Trumpers.”

Levin believes the media is purposely misleading people by tying the recent violence at Capitol Hill to Trump and his supporters. He had a stack of newspapers, which he read the headlines from and made bipartisan edits.

“The USA Today [wrote] ‘Pro-Trump mob storms U.S. Capitol,’” he read. “How about, ‘Thugs storm U.S. Capitol?’ How about, ‘Lawbreakers storm U.S. Capital?’”

Levin talked about the media exploiting the Capitol riots, which left five people dead, as a means to silence conservatives.

“The media has played a huge, huge role in what is going on in his country and they are exploiting out what took place on Capitol Hill,” he said. “They are trying to silence conservatives, silence Republicans and unfortunately a lot of Republicans are buckling.”

Life Liberty, and Levin airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on FOX News.

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