Fox News Hosts Laugh at Jesse Watters for Claiming Obama Looked ‘Terrified’ During DNC Speech

Fox News
Fox News

It’s almost as if none of them actually believe what they’re saying.

On Thursday afternoon, Jesse Watters went on a long rant on The Five about how ineffective former President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention was. The smirk never left his face, and all his co-hosts could do when he was finished was laugh at him.

“President Obama looked terrified,” Watters claimed. “This was not an uplifting speech at all. It looked like he knows this is going to be a low turnout election, and the internal numbers for the Democratic Party must be horrific. Because this looked like a desperate plea to vote early and cast your ballot immediately.”

“He knows COVID’s on the down trend,” Watters, who was once forced to admit that he should have taken the virus more seriously after going out all weekend when the rest of the country was first shutting down, continued. “He knows football is around the corner, schools are opening, the economy is coming back. So the writing’s on the wall.”

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The host went on to suggest that Obama is only trying to protect himself when he urges Americans to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden, because all that’s left of his legacy is a “cloud of scandal.”

“Because President Obama knows if Biden doesn’t win, Bill Barr stays there and [special prosecutor John] Durham continues to investigate Obamagate,” Watters said. He then suggested it’s somehow hypocritical for Obama to suggest President Donald Trump has “bad character” because “everybody in the Democratic Party was palling around with Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein”—and failing to mention Trump’s own long-term relationship with Epstein.

“A lot of times people say Barack Obama gave us Donald Trump. He could have gone on there last night and just apologized to the Democratic Party for delivering that,” Watters continued. “So at the end of the day, I don’t think he did what he needed to do and he knows this is going to be a tough race.”

As his co-hosts started to crack up in response to that nonsensical conclusion, Dana Perino told him, “God love you, Jesse, you make me laugh,” before moving on to something else.

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