Fox News Host’s Obama Slam Backfires When He Gets A Brutal Fact-Check On Live TV

Fox News host Pete Hegseth tried to attack President Barack Obama’s economic record over the weekend, but it didn’t go as planned.

“Democrats want to talk about health care. They don’t want to talk about immigration. They can’t talk about the economy,” Hegseth said on “Fox and Friends” on Saturday. “I mean Barack Obama is trying to say he rebuilt the economy.”

That’s when cohost Ed Henry stepped in with a fact-check.

“You’ve read the numbers, I’m sure,” Henry said. “Barack Obama created more jobs in his final 21 months than President [Donald] Trump has created in his first 21.”

Henry also said Trump was given better economic conditions than what Obama received from President George W. Bush.

“[Trump] was handed a good economy and made it better,” Henry said, but Hegseth wasn’t having it.

See the exchange in the clip above.

Later in the show, Henry tried to return to his point when they were joined by Fox Business host Stuart Varney, according to a clip posted online by Mediaite.

“All I’m saying is, wasn’t the table set by Barack Obama?” Henry asked. “Why can’t Republicans just admit that?”

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