Fox News host Greg Gutfeld says ‘elections don’t work,’ suggests civil war instead

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld claimed “elections don’t work” in a bizarre rant suggesting another civil war might better serve the United States.

The right-wing pundit — positioned by the network as a comic of sorts — made his claims Thursday during afternoon program “The Five.”

The 59-year-old’s declaration came after he described the country as a chaotic, dystopian hellscape where terrified citizens are fleeing cities amid runaway violence, looting and drug abuse — being forced, presumably by liberals, to “accommodate risk wherever we go.”

He then referenced the 1860s war between the states as a solution to the modern-day political divide.

“We had a war over slavery. We knew slavery was inhumane and immoral, but somehow we couldn’t solve slavery peacefully,” he said. “One side refused to acknowledge it was evil because it was too big of an admission for them to make. Doesn’t it feel that way now? That this defiant refusal to reverse this decline argues against the survival of a country.”

“Elections don’t work. We know that,” Gutfeld continued. “We had a moderate president and we have crime exploding everywhere. We had a Democrat president promise that he was going to be moderate, promise that he was gonna unite the country, and now we have a terrible education system. We have no border. We have crime everywhere.”

“What does that leave you with? It leaves you with you the need to make war to bring peace because you have a side that cannot change,” he continued. “In a way, you have to force them to surrender.”

Gutfeld’s co-hosts didn’t appear to share his distaste for democracy, however.

Fox News has not responded to a request for comment.