Fox News guest accuses rappers Ice Cube, Jay-Z and Scarface of ‘rampant anti-Semitism’

During a discussion about racism and bigotry in America on Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, guest Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute accused rappers of promoting anti-Semitism.

“We’ve got this whole trope now in rap music, all the major marquee rappers: Ice Cube, Jay Z, Scarface. It’s just rampant anti-Semitism,” Hanson said. “And we saw Lebron James, our national icon, retweeting the anti-Semitic tweet of a rapper with no consequences. So the American people are saying to themselves, ‘Wow, what are the rules?’”

Along with those rappers and James, who has since apologized, Hanson referenced comments made by Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson in 2016, and past offensive tweets from Sarah Jeong of the New York Times as other examples of bigotry and that he says has gone unpunished.

Then Hanson turned his focus to how President Trump’s voting base is viewed by the left, citing examples of people saying they “stink” and “don’t have any teeth” and calling them “garbage people.”

“Jim Carrey of all, the actor, compared Trump supporters to apes,” Hanson added, concluding with: “Anytime somebody says ‘We’re progressive’ and ‘We’re enlightened’ and ‘We’re not racist’ that tends, human nature being what it is, to give them a blank check to be racist.”

Carlson’s monologue and ensuing discussion shows that he continues to push the boundaries, even as sponsors have steadily abandoned his show following controversial comments he made about immigrants back in December.

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