‘Fox News’ Anchor Martha MacCallum ‘Played a Babysitter’ on ‘All My Children’ Before Journalism Career

Fox News Anchor Martha MacCallum Played a Babysitter on All My Children Before Journalism Career
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Martha MacCallum has done her fair share of on-camera reporting — but she’s also made a cameo on a well-known soap opera.

“I once played a babysitter on All My Children,” MacCallum, 59, exclusively revealed in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

MacCallum didn’t stick with acting, but she did find a career in the spotlight as an anchor for FOX News. She joined the network in 2004 and has been the host of The Story With Martha MacCallum since 2017. MacCallum has also worked as a producer and writer on the daily news show.

The journalist has covered more than five presidential elections and moderated FOX News’ first GOP debate of the 2024 presidential election on Wednesday, August 23, alongside Bret Baier. The TV event brought in more than 12.8 million total viewers, making it the “highest-rated non-sports cable telecast of 2023,” according to Fox.

MacCallum is known for having her pulse on the political journalism landscape and breaking news stories — she will host Fox Nation’s The Fall of the House of Murdaugh, which premieres on Tuesday, September 12. However, she is also passionate about the royal family, her home state of New Jersey and more.

Scroll down for 25 things fans might not know about MacCallum — including the one rom-com she really loves:

1. I woke up at 4 a.m. with my mom to watch Princess Diana and [King] Charles [III]’s wedding and became obsessed with royal history. A favorite part of my job has been covering all the landmark royal events.

2. I once played a babysitter on All My Children.

3. I own a 1986 13-foot mahogany bench, blue interior, Boston Whaler.

4. I have a 1973 Patriot Blue Ford Bronco. I love vintage things.

5. I [enjoy] designing houses and interiors. I can scroll through antique and wallpaper sites for hours.

6. Growing up, I thought Ali MacGraw, Cher and Rene Russo were supercool.

Fox News Anchor Martha MacCallum Played a Babysitter on All My Children Before Journalism Career
Martha MacCallum. FOX NEWS

7. My favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream with hot butterscotch.

8. When I was 2 years old, my mom took me to see Lyndon Johnson leaving the White House. I’ve been fascinated by presidential politics ever since.

9. My mom also took us to watch the astronauts’ parade in D.C. when they came back from walking on the moon. I’m fascinated by space exploration.

10. My favorite thing about being a mom when my kids were small was reading books with them in bed after they were bathed and in their jammies.

11. I know several Shakespeare monologues and sonnets by heart.

12. My favorite rom-com is Crazy, Stupid, Love. It’s the only one I really love.

13. I was a Grateful Dead fan in college [and] I love going to rock concerts.

14. My favorite TV shows are Mad Men, The Last Kingdom and The Chosen.

15. Stephen Colbert’s wife, Evie, was my roommate in NYC, and we were in each other’s weddings.

16. My husband [Daniel John Gregory] is one of eight kids. I’m one of three, but I was always [intrigued by] big families, so I married into one!

17. My favorite weekend [activity] is playing as much tennis as I can.

18. My favorite part of my ancestry is the Scottish part. The MacCallums come from the Highlands near Argyle. I love kilts, bagpipes and horseback riding.

19. I collect vintage Lilly Pulitzer skirts and shorts and wear them with canvas Tretorns.

20. I competed in the National Cheerleading Championships at Sea World. We came in 17th. New Jersey cheerleading is a whole different thing than it is down South.

21. I have covered six presidential elections — and the most fascinating and consequential one is always the next one.

22. Birkenstocks with Scottish cashmere socks and yoga pants are my staple after-work outfit.

23. Pizza is my favorite food, but especially when it’s made by my husband.

24. Cape Cod, Jackson Hole and London are my happy places.

25. Traveling is a passion for me. I hope to see the pyramids in Egypt soon.

The Story With Martha MacCallum airs on FOX News Channel weekdays at 3 p.m. ET. and The Fall of the House of Murdaugh premieres on Fox Nation Tuesday, September 12.