Fox Nation Taps Dennis Quaid for ‘Top Combat Pilot’ Series

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 ‘Top Combat Pilot’ on Fox Nation.
‘Top Combat Pilot’ on Fox Nation.

Actor Dennis Quaid will host a new original series on streaming service Fox Nation debuting November 6.

The four-part series, Top Combat Pilot, will feature an inside look at the Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) course, the U.S. Marine Corps’s version of the Navy’s renowned “Top Gun school.” Top performers will seek to distinguish themselves as the best of the best and be invited back as a WTI instructor, said Fox Nation.

“Dennis Quaid not only played a pilot in the iconic movie The Right Stuff, but he is also a licensed pilot — we couldn’t think of a better person to host this series,” Fox News Media president Jason Klarman said in a statement.