Fox Host on Trump Docs: ‘I Don’t Think a Toilet’ Is a Secure Place

via Fox News
via Fox News
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The Five liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov on Friday reacted to the unsealed indictment of Donald Trump by calling attention to the former president allegedly keeping classified material in boxes stacked up around a toilet in a bathroom at Mar-a-Lago, his private golf club.

The 37-count indictment, which also charges Trump’s body man and valet, Walt Nauta, includes photographs of classified documents scattered on a storage room floor, as well as of boxes stacked in a ballroom, a storage space, and in a chandelier-adorned bathroom.

“So first [Trump] went with [the explanation that] everything was declassified because he is magic and he can look at things and they become declassified,” Tarlov began, referring to how Trump had claimed in a Fox News interview last September that he was able to declassify “everything” just by “thinking about it.”

“Now he is on tape admitting the fact that he is showing people—Mark Meadows’ team when he is trying to do the book—a document that was still classified and that he knows that he doesn’t have the power to declassify it anymore because he is no longer president,” she continued. “He said they were properly secured. I don’t think a toilet is a SCIF. Maybe I’m wrong.”

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A SCIF, or sensitive compartmented information facility, is a highly secure location where government officials and contractors look at highly classified information.

Co-host Jesse Watters apparently couldn’t let that jab slide, however.

“Better than a Corvette,” he interjected, once again not passing up the chance to make Trump’s federal indictment about President Joe Biden, whose handling of classified documents is being investigated by a special counsel.

“Yeah!” Jeanine Pirro exclaimed in agreement.

“Here you go. Misdirection. Misdirection,” shot back Tarlov, who later told the two of them that, despite their grievances, the Trump indictment “has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.”

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