‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Join Hannity in Condemning Armed Coronavirus Protests

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On Wednesday, the co-hosts of “Fox & Friends” echoed colleague Sean Hannity’s Monday night chastisement of armed protesters, telling morning viewers that behavior “puts our police in danger.”

“When people go to a protest with a big gun like that, it puts our police in danger and so much more,” said Steve Doocy after asserting that he and his co-hosts, like Hannity, “completely support people’s First Amendment rights.” He explained that at a recent protest in favor of reopening the economy in Michigan, the governor claimed to have seen Confederate flags and swastikas among the protesters, some of whom also carried guns.

He rolled the clip of Hannity from Monday, which was even praised by the left-leaning co-hosts of “The View” Tuesday afternoon. In it, Hannity warned viewers not to attempt to intimidate officials or otherwise cheapen their message by flaunting weapons at a protest.

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“I think the average person watching the protests in Michigan is going, ‘I support the people’s rights to assemble and to protest and to carry guns,’ but at the same time, why did they have to bring the big gun to that particular protest?” Doocy mused.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed: “If you’re gonna show up with a Confederate flag or a swastika — I didn’t see any of that video — but it just squelches your message. Socially distance. Show up and let your voices be heard.”

Echoing Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends scolds reopen protestors in Michigan who brought long guns and confederate & nazi flags to their rallies, saying "it puts our police in danger" and "squelches your message." pic.twitter.com/MgKw7kb5hr

— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) May 6, 2020

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