'Fox & Friends' co-host says Democrats are stoking recession fears to oust Trump: 'They do not want him to win again'

Todd Garrin

The co-hosts of Fox & Friends brushed off recent warnings that the U.S. economy could be headed for a recession, and expressed a belief that the warnings may be an act of political sabotage by Democrats in order to prevent President Donald Trump from winning re-election.

“It’s so obvious what they’re doing,” said panelist Ainsley Earhardt. “They do not want him to win again, and they don’t like that the economy is doing well, apparently,” she added.

The panel was joined by Fox Business contributor Charles Payne, who also dismissed the idea that a recession is imminent. “The CEO of Bank of America put it the best — Brian Moynihan said, ‘The only fear of recession we have is fear of recession,’” said Payne. “In other words, the only thing that can happen in this country right now that can derail this economic juggernaut is if everyone believes it’s going to be derailed.”

Payne also accused the media of purposely stoking fears of an economic crisis: “I hate to say it, but to a degree the media almost did that in December.” He added: “I think some people do it deliberately.”

Viewers on Twitter were split on the panel’s feelings about the recession, with many tweeting that they felt the panel was off-base with its accusations of interference from Democrats:

Others wrote that they agreed with Earhardt and Payne that the threat of a recession is overblown. Many placed blame on HBO host Bill Maher for adding to the fear:

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