'Fox & Friends' calls out Christian Bale for his comparison of Dick Cheney to Satan: 'It's just a real insult'

Kyle Moss

On Monday’s Fox & Friends, the hosts reacted to actor Christian Bale’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, in which he thanked Satan for giving him “inspiration” on how to play his role in Vice.

Bale, who won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy for his portrayal of former Vice President Dick Cheney, referred to Cheney and Sen. Mitch McConnell as being “charisma-free” and “a**holes” in his speech Sunday night.

The hosts called out Bale as the only person who really got political during the show, and co-host Brian Kilmeade said it was a “stupid speech.”

“It’s just a real insult to a guy who spent his whole life in public service, from secretary of defense to chief of staff, to vice president of the United States,” Kilmeade said.

Bale’s win for Best Actor was the sole Golden Globes win out of six nominations for Vice, which included a nod for Best Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy. And Bale’s speech isn’t the only thing Kilmeade took issue with. He also commented on the performances in the movie, despite all three hosts admitting they haven’t seen it.

He did make him seem like Satan, by reports,” Kilmeade said. “Also made [Donald] Rumsfeld seem extremely evil … President [George W.] Bush look like a doofus. Condoleezza Rice totally was ignored, as was Karl Rove, they didn’t say a word, evidently, in the entire movie. And Colin Powell was duped. So nothing accurate about this movie. But it was good enough for Christian Bale to play it, and get an award for it. I don’t really know anyone who saw it.”

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