Four armed intruders broke into Indiana home — but just two survived, police say

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A group of four armed intruders broke into an Indiana home recently, but only two left alive, state police told news outlets.

It happened early Sunday, May 15, at a home in DeKalb County, officials told WXIN.

The suspects forced their way inside but were soon confronted by the homeowner, who was also armed, the TV station reported.

The resident fired at the burglars, killing two of them, police told WTHR. The homeowner held the remaining two at gunpoint until officers arrived and arrested them.

No charges have been brought against the homeowner, WPTA reported.

The surviving suspects were taken into custody on charges of burglary and murder, according to the outlet. Murder charges can be brought against the suspects because they reportedly were committing a felony that led to two deaths, the station said.

The incident is under investigation by Indiana State Police.

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