Former SOB x RBE Rapper Lul G to Receive 21-Year Sentence Over Fatal Shooting

Image via Getty/Rich Polk
Image via Getty/Rich Polk

Though he managed to dodge a murder charge, Lul G is likely to spend years behind bars.

The former SOB x RBE rapper will receive a 21-year prison sentence for his role in the death of Rashied Flowers, a 26-year-old man who was fatally shot in 2019. Lul G—legal name George Harris—was arrested shortly after the killing and subsequently charged with first-degree murder; however, Lul G’s charge was reduced on Thursday after he agreed to plea no contest to voluntary manslaughter.

Lul G’s attorney confirmed to Complex that his client will receive a 21-year sentence at a hearing that’s scheduled for May 22 in in Fairfield, California.

According to The Reporter, the rapper’s plea deal helped him avoid a possible life sentence as well as gun-related charges stemming from a previous felony conviction.

Lul G has remained locked up since September 2019, about two months after Flowers was shot in a Fairfield home. Authorities said three “uncooperative witnesses” transferred Flowers to a hospital and told staffers the man had been shot at a Cordelia park.

Prosecutors said Lul G, Flowers, and others were at the residence for a music video shoot, which was put on pause for an unspecified “dice game.” Lul G and Flowers reportedly partook in the gambling before an altercation ensued. As the situation escalated, the rapper allegedly opened fire on Flowers in the home’s garage.

Lul G had pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge.

The Vallejo rapper was a founding member of the SOB x RBE hip-hop collective. About two years after forming the group, Lul G inked a solo deal with Def Jam Records.

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