Ramona Singer Yet Again Says Racist Slur In Text

Photo: Heidi Gutman (Getty Images)
Photo: Heidi Gutman (Getty Images)

Ramona Singer just keeps digging herself further and further into her racist hole—and got cut from BravoCon as a result. Page Six says it reached out to Singer to discuss the explosive Vanity Fair article that was published, exposing her alleged instances of racism.

In an attempt to justify her behavior, Singer used a heinous slur again while texting a Page Six reporter. “The word I used was ‘NWord’ Not n-g…,” a screenshot from the publication revealed Tuesday.

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Singer allegedly said she didn’t want to discuss race before asking Williams the ethnicity of her new love interest. Edmondson said that when the cameras stopped rolling, Singer told her the conversation with Williams was like when Jewish people called Singer a “shiksa,” which is Yiddish for non-Jewish woman.

Edmondson allegedly responded “Ramona, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Singer allegedly then stated, “Oh, it’s literally like somebody calling you a n****r.”

In addition, the story also included Singer allegedly telling a Black woman employee at Bravo: “There’s so many of you guys here now, please don’t change your hair as I’m not gonna be able to remember anybody’s names.” Singer tried to justify it by saying it was “strictly a commentary on my inability to remember names.”

Even though the Housewives were told specifically not to perpetuate racist stereotypes on the show—like Black fathers not being present in their children’s lives—Singer allegedly asked during the conversation: “What if they don’t have a father? Why can’t I say that? Most of them don’t.”

Singer was also accused of saying Black people were “gonna ruin our show.” In a written statement, she denied any wrongdoing. “I stopped filming RHONY in February 2021. These accusations were all aired publicly in September 2021.

“These claims were investigated by the network back then and they found no basis for the claims. I stand by all my comments in the article. I am extraordinarily disappointed that Vanity Fair and Page Six felt the need to re-amplify this non-story.”

Sadly, it seems like Singer hasn’t learned a damn thing.

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