Former Lucasfilm Marketing Head Norma Garcia Launches Multimedia Venture NRJ Media Group | Exclusive

NRJ Media Group, a new multimedia entertainment company, launches on Wednesday, featuring TV, podcasts, and community forums with the goals of “promoting positive influence and philanthropy.”

Spearheading the venture as CEO is former Lucasfilm marketing head Norma Garcia, who said in a statement that NRJ’s “mission is to deliver uplifting storytelling that fosters community and passion, aiming to energize and engage audiences who are eager to create positive change.”

“Our overarching goal is to inspire conversations across generations, motivate audiences to pursue their passions, and encourage collaboration within the entertainment industry,” Garcia said.

The new venture includes plans for a robust podcast division, with guests leveraging their platform to promote charities they support. The group is soon launching a weekend podcast series “Movies With…” including guests Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle of “Boy Meets World,” actress Nancy Allen and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees.

Future podcasts plan to feature Marvel and Dreamworks Producer Michael Grillo, an “Up the Creek” cast reunion, and other surprise guests. “Movies with…” will also host a special episode with Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell and other officers who testified before Congress’ January 6th Select Committee.

As for other divisions, NRJ has secured the film rights for the memoir “American Shield,” Gonell’s first-hand account of his devoted life to American service and his experience at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“NRJ Media Group’s mission to promote positive change was a huge motivator in my decision to collaborate on developing the story of my life and defending the Capitol on January 6th into a movie,” Gonell said in a statement. “My story, ‘American Shield’, is in good hands with NRJ Media Group’s experienced leaders.”

The NRJ is comprised of a leadership team bringing expertise from the entertainment, tech, and creative sectors including Garcia as CEO, Rich Reid as COO, and Jeffrey Sherman as CCO. Sherman is a writer, producer, and director known for his work on “Boy Meets World.”

NRJ Media Group
Rich Reid, Norma Garcia, and Jeffrey Sherman

“What I love about NRJ Media Group’s mission is that we are able to take the essence of mentorship to a broader scale by showcasing our podcasts guests’ passion for building community and supporting philanthropy,” Garcia tells TheWrap. “I have been mentoring for over ten years and have reaped the rewards and now it’s our time to pay it forward.”

I learned, from a cultural perspective, how stories franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark had a global impact, regardless of language and cultural nuance, showing me that the power of film has no borders,” Garcia continued. ““At NRJ Media Group we want to harness the same power of storytelling to be the glue that ties personal experiences together with stories that resonate across all our platforms.”

“Proudly marching this past year alongside my brilliant WGA, SAG-AFTRA and other union brothers and sisters reminded me we’re all truly one big cooperative, collaborative community of artists,” Sherman told TheWrap. “Through NRJ Media Group, Norma, Rich and I are continuing our passion for mentorship; giving back by paying it forward to a new generation.”

“Movies have always been an integral part of my life,” Reid said. “I’ve always had a passion for movies which has driven my desire to perfect the ultimate cinematic experience for the home and now I’m excited to fill the big screen with stories I want to tell.”

“I have the opportunity to do so within the film community by empowering new voices and artists who share the same passion,” Reid said.

Leadership also has plans for a TV division which will highlight “real-life heroes and other advocates of positive change by bringing their stories to life through the power of long-form and episodic storytelling.”

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