Former Georgetown College president sues school after being fired for sexual assault claims

Monica Kast, Georgetown College/, provided

The former president of Georgetown College, who was fired last year for allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior with female employees, is suing the school, its administration and the board of trustees, his lawyers said.

William A. Jones, the former president, was fired last November after the college received allegations of sexual assault from one employee and allegations of inappropriate conduct from another. The college received the report on a Sunday, and Jones was fired by the board of trustees the next day.

One employee reported she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Jones on a work trip, and filed an emergency protective order against him. Jones was fired by Georgetown shortly after.

A press release from Kyle Thompson, Jones’ lawyer, said the former president has “been defamed, libeled, slandered, placed in false light, and forever damaged in his professional and personal life.”

Jones denies the allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, Thompson said. He is seeking a public apology from the college, as well as damages to cover lost wages and distress caused by his firing.

“Instead of performing their due diligence as required ... Mr. Jones was summarily terminated from his position just hours after these false allegations were levied against him, without cause, and without any finding of wrongdoing on any administrative record of Georgetown College,” Thompson said.

Georgetown College is a private Christian college with over 1,500 students enrolled, according to the college’s website.

Jones was the president from 2019 to 2021. Previously, he was the president of Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas.

After he was fired, former provost Rosemary Allen was named the president.

A Georgetown spokesperson said the college learned of the lawsuit yesterday and declined to comment on pending litigation.