Former CDPR devs confirm their new game's title with a Vampire-themed reveal that evokes the Witcher games they used to work on


A studio of former CD Projekt Red developers have unveiled the name of their new game, with an announcement post that's giving me big Witcher 3: Blood and Wine vibes.

Rebel Wolves is a team of developers who worked on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 before spinning off to start their own studio. The studio's first project has been kept pretty close to its chest until now, but in a tweet earlier today, it confirmed rumors that its first game is called Dawnwalker.

There's an obvious vampire vibe boing on here. Not only does Dawnwalker evoke obvious similarities to the idea of the 'Daywalker', but the announcement image features a crimson color palette and a distinct 'blood in the water' vibe. Beyond that, there's relatively little to go on beyond the sole figure merging with that blood. They're holding a sword aloft in their right hand, but the that their left hand is becoming is pretty monstrous - and definitely reminds me of the likes of Detlaff from that aforementioned Witcher 3 DLC. Finally there's a peculiar symbol above that character's head, but beyond the possibility of some religious iconography, I couldn't tell you what that might mean.

Rebel Wolves is, of course, its own studio, and while the medieval appearance and apparent vampiric theme of this announcement post might be reminiscent of some aspects of The Witcher, the studio these developers used to work at doesn't have a patent out on central European folklore. However, it never hurts to have some RPG pedigree under your belt, and some Witcher vibes from some Witcher devs is certainly enough to get me interested in whatever this project may turn out to be.

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