Ford makes a special delivery: Jay Leno receives his ultra-rare 2017 Ford GT

On Jay Leno’s Garage, the former The Tonight Show host took ownership of his ultra-rare, $505,000 2017 Ford GT. Ford only made 500 such GTs, and considering it received more than 6,800 applications to buy them, the car maker could afford to be picky about who got one.

A Ford representative said, “We don’t want people to buy it and flip it, you know? We don’t want people just to put them in a museum somewhere — we want them out on the street.”

Leno has one of the most coveted car collections in the world, and is well known for driving all of his cars. In fact, Ford gave him the first “customer” model of the retro 2005 Ford GT.

The Ford rep said, “We want to reward the people that have been loyal to Ford, and that’s you.” And since Leno’s 2005 GT was the 12th car from the factory, Ford made sure his 2017 GT was also the 12th car out of the factory.

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