The flying poop in Netflix's 'Sex Education' was actually a mix of chocolate mousse and Weetabix

The flying poop in Netflix's 'Sex Education' was actually a mix of chocolate mousse and Weetabix
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  • The poop featured in the third season of "Sex Education" is chocolate mousse and Weetabix.

  • Asa Butterfield, who plays Otis, said he tried some of it and it tasted "alright."

  • The real star of the scene is Jim Howick, who plays Mr. Hendrix, Mimi Keene (who plays Ruby) said.

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The flying poop featured in the latest season of "Sex Education" is actually just chocolate and wheat-based breakfast cereal, stars Asa Butterfield (Otis) and Mimi Keene (Ruby) revealed.

The third installment of the popular Netflix show, which premiered on Friday, takes viewers back to Moordale High. Except now, Otis and Maeve (Emma Mackey) are no longer running their sex therapy clinic for fellow students, and the school has a new principal who is very set on moving past the scandals the school faced in the previous season.

One particularly memorable moment this season happens in the fifth episode. The students are out on a field trip with their teachers when Rahim (played by Sami Outalbali) accidentally clogs the bus' toilet. To avoid embarrassment, he stuffs his poop into a sock and flings it out of the window. Unfortunately for a family out on their own separate road trip, the poop-filled sock ends up on their windshield.

While chatting with Insider ahead of the season's release, Butterfield and Keene revealed that the poop featured was actually less gross than it looked on screen.

"I think it was chocolate mousse with some Weetabix paste to give it some fiber," Butterfield said.

He added tha he'd tried the mixture himself and it tasted "alright," although no one else from the cast was as bold as him.

Connor Swindells and Sami Outalbali in "Sex Education"
Rahim, the student responsible for the flying poop. Sam Taylor/Netflix

While the flying poop is hard to miss, Keene believes the real star of the scene is the "very, very funny" Jim Howick, who plays teacher Colin Hendricks.

The generally cheerful Mr. Hendricks has the impossible task of figuring out who was responsible for the gross sock and he gets increasingly hysterical as no one wants to take responsibility for it.

"It wasn't actually just the flying poo that was funny," Keene said.

She added: "We sort of needed to get it. And the director, Ben Taylor, was like, 'Guys, we need to get this before it's dark. You're gonna have to stop laughing.'"

All eight episodes of "Sex Education" season 3 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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