Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 Recap: Did Jang Dong-Yoon & Lee Joo-Myoung Find a Murder Suspect?

Like Flowers in Sand
Jang Dong-Yoon, Lee Joo-Myoung (Photo Credit: ENA)
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Starring Jang Dong-Yoon and Lee Joo-Myoung, Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 aired on Wednesday on Netflix and ENA. The K-drama’s storyline is closer to finding the real culprit.

In episode 10, Baek-Du and Du-Sik learned that the murderer of Chil-Seong and Mi-Ran’s father was someone from the town. They suspected that Mi-Ran’s dad who was a wrestler, got involved with match-fixing 20 years ago with the culprit and hence, he was killed. Similarly, Chil-Seong was recently murdered by the same person.

Episode 11 begins with Baek-Du and Du-Sik joining forces with Mi-Ran, Jin-Su, Seok-Hui, and Hyeon-Uk to find the killer. The two lead characters find a suspect but Du-Sik advises Baek-Du to look for evidence rather than believing in rumors.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 spoilers: Jang Dong-Yoon’s suspect turns out to be innocent

In Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11, Lee Joo-Myoung’s Du-Sik comes up with a strategy to bring out the culprit from hiding. She asks Mi-Ran to reveal her true identity to the town. In reality, the cafe owner is the daughter of the wrestler who was killed 20 years ago.

As the whole town starts gossiping, the plan is to find out if the killer will visit Mi-Ran’s cafe or hide from her. During the daytime, all the town’s uncles visit her cafe and question her out of concern. One person who doesn’t appear is Park Pil-Du, a respected uncle of the town.

Baek-Du also finds him suspicious after catching him wandering at night near a dog named Snowbell’s house. For context, Du-Sik and her team discover that someone unleashes Snowbell every night, and she rushes to the reservoir where Chil-Seong’s body is found. Once the dog found a burner phone. Before the culprit could get a hold of it, Seok-Hui brought it into evidence.

Meanwhile, Du-Sik finds Uncle Pil-Du in the crowd of the wrestling match that was one of the evidence. While all fingers point at him, Du-Sik advises Baek-Du to not blame someone until proven guilty. Later, he eavesdrops on his father and Pil-Du’s conversation and learns he is not the culprit.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 ending: The real culprit confronts Mi-Ran

Jang Dong-Yoon’s Baek-Du informs Du-Sik that Uncle Pil-Du is not the murderer in Like Flowers in Sand episode 11. When she seems to lose hope, she comes across an old photo. It features her, Baek-Du, Mi-Ran, Jin-Su, and Seok-Hui.

Lee Joo-Myoung’s character finds it odd because she recalls that Seok-Hui was clicking pictures from his disposable camera. She remembers calling an adult from a car parked behind them. Meanwhile, viewers see a person entering Mi-Ran’s cafe during the close time.

While preparing a beverage, she says, “Earlier, the uncles rushed in all at once, so there weren’t enough seats…[she stops and gets suspicious].” With a bit of fear in her voice, Mi-Ran adds, “By the way, didn’t you come earlier and have coffee?”

It appears he is the real culprit. His face is not shown in the episode, however, in the end, he gets up and switches off the lights. Episode 11 ends with him asking, “Mi-Ran, what is the evidence you have?”

Meanwhile, the Like Flowers in Sand finale will air on Thursday, January 24, 2024, at 9.00 p.m. KST on ENA. It also streams on Netflix.

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