Florist comes up with boutonnière hack that wedding planners are calling a ‘game changer’

There’s a new wedding day hack sweeping social media that should be required viewing for anyone about to walk down the aisle.

The 8-second video originated on Instagram before making its way over to TikTok. It shows a simple way to keep a boutonnière fresh so the flowers don’t wilt before the end of the night.

According to the viral hack, all you have to do is fill a clear plastic card holder with some water. Then, place the stems of the boutonniere inside and slip it into your suit pocket. This way, you’ll be secretly watering the flowers all day long and keeping them fresh without even thinking about it.

Wedding photographer Ginger Sumerlin (@gingersumerlinphotography) shot the original footage, praising the “genius florist” who allegedly came up with it and earning 19.9 million views for her Aug. 6 post.

TikTok user @yukibeeluv subsequently shared the hack and called it a “wedding planner game changer.”

Since then, it has earned another 9.8 million views and received tons of positive comments from users who can’t control their amazement.

“Wow this is literally genius,” wrote @ashchristmas.

Others suggested ways to fashion a boutonnière holder on your own if a florist doesn’t provide one.

“you can DIY this with cardboard and ribbon, that’s what my SIL did for my husband!” shared @psychotropicaviar.

But according to at least one commenter, the hack may be clever, but it isn’t exactly new.

“As a florist of 25 years… It’s an old technique being reborn,” wrote @auntie_hero.

That said, #WeddingTok can’t get enough of hacks like these — whether they’re old or new.

Earlier this year, a cake baker shared how couples can save money by purchasing a “dummy cake” that creates the illusion of being a larger, more elaborate confection. In 2022, a bride went viral for showing how she thrifted 200 champagne flutes that doubled as unique favors for her guests.

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