Florida Zoo Welcomes Baby Two-Toed Sloth

A zoo in Melbourne, Florida, welcomed a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth baby into the world on April 8.

Footage shared by Brevard Zoo shows 15-year-old mother Sammy and 18-year-old father Dustin’s baby, the third sloth born at the zoo and the first in more than two years.

The baby sloth has not yet been named or sexed, the zoo said in a statement. Sammy and her child appear to be thriving and are able to freely retreat out of the public’s view at the zoo when desired.

Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths are native to northern South America rainforests and require professional care out of the wild, according to the zoo.

“Sloths are high-maintenance animals that need professional care, and they don’t belong in the home,” Brevard Zoo’s director of animal programs Michelle Smurl said. “They have long
claws and sharp teeth that they won’t hesitate to use if they’re scared or stressed. If you can’t make the trip down to South America, the best way to get your sloth fix is to visit your local accredited animal care facility.” Credit: Brevard Zoo via Storyful