Florida Woman Named Tupac Shakur Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Man With Baseball Bat

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A 34-year-old Miami woman named Tupac Shakur has been arrested after she was caught on surveillance footage assaulting a man with a baseball bat.

As reported by WLPG, Shakur was arrested on Tuesday (Sept. 7) after authorities alleged she attacked an eldery man sat outside of a hospital. According to the arrest affidavit, the woman struck the victim “several times” outside of Hialeah Hospital around midday. He sustained injuries on his face, arm, and right leg. Following the attack, the man ran into the hospital with the woman’s bat, at which point she reportedly followed and accused the victim of attacking her.

He explained to authorities that he recognized Shakur from previous incidents at the hospital, and said she is an unhouse woman who typically sleeps near Hialeah. The man refused to receive treatment for his injuries. The woman was identified after CCTV footage showed the attack. She claimed to the officers that she was “Investigating an incident that occurred at the library in downtown.” She is currently facing a first-degree felony, a charge of aggravated battery on a person aged 65 or older.

While she’s almost certainly not the slain rapper, who died following a shooting in Las Vegas in 1996, the timing of her assault on the old man is curious. Wednesday marked the 26th anniversary of 2Pac’s shooting on Sept. 7, although he died six days. It is unclear what prompted the woman to attack the man, and it’s also unclear why she appears to be named after the legendary west-coast rapper.

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