Florida Woman Hospitalized After Turtle Smashed Through Windshield on Interstate

Gavin Evans
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Last week, a 71-year-old Florida woman was sent to the hospital because a turtle crashed through her car windshield while she was driving on the highway.

The extremely rare incident happened last Wednesday when the woman was driving with her daughter on Interstate 95. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the turtle fell through her windshield and hit her in the head. In a 911 call, her daughter was quoted as saying “She’s got so much blood coming out of her head.” At the time her daughter was unaware that a turtle is what struck her mom, instead suggesting to the person on the other end that she thought maybe it was a chunk of concrete. After she’s told by another driver what it really was, she says “An actual turtle?”

The News-Journal adds that the woman was ultimately okay. Somehow, the turtle also managed to survive, sustaining only a few shell scratches.

How the turtle flew into the air remains a mystery. It’s believed that it may have been caused by a different vehicle hitting it, which has happened in the past.

In 2016, another Florida woman got a small bump on her head, in addition to some cuts, after a separate driver clipped a turtle and sent it hurtling through her windshield. That turtle also survived.

In 2020 ,a turtle in Georgia got about halfway through a windshield, but the fact it didn’t get all the way through prevented the person in the passenger’s seat from getting smoked in the face. That unlucky animal died. If you click this CNN link (your choice) the lead image makes it extremely obvious why.

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