Florida Candidate Compares Democrats to Taliban, Al Qaeda In Campaign Ad

cory-mills-ad-2022-1800 - Credit: Courtesy Photo
cory-mills-ad-2022-1800 - Credit: Courtesy Photo

Florida GOP congressional candidate Cory Mills is running a campaign ad comparing Democrats to members of the terrorist group Al Qaeda and the Taliban

The ad compares President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — as well as perceived cultural enemies like Tony Fauci — to foreign terror groups and totalitarian regimes. 

Standing in what looks like a shooting range decked out in tactical gear and wearing clothes intended to resemble military fatigues, Mills cites his background as a veteran who “fought tyranny” and governments “forcing citizens to cover their faces” with burqas. “In America, our enemy is different but their objective is the same,” says Mills, “Total. Government. Control.”

(The irony of a post-Roe, anti-abortion rights Republican comparing Democrats to a regime imposing religious controls over woman is, well, a bit much.)

Mills’s campaign has repeatedly featured antagonistic, borderline threatening appeals to right-wing culture war issues, including an ad suggesting Mills would tear gas members of the media. Mills is facing a tight race in Florida’s 7th district against incumbent Anthony Sabatini, and a recent poll indicates that 40% of voters are still undecided.

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