All About Florence Pugh's Cooking — from Growing Up in Kitchens to Filming 'Cooking with Flo'

Florence Pugh Vogue Magazine
Florence Pugh Vogue Magazine

Colin Dodgson/Vogue Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh has her family to thank for her love of cooking.

The Don't Worry Darling actress, who graces the cover of Vogue's winter issue, spoke with the magazine about the origin of her culinary talents and even demonstrated some of her favorite recipes.

The Little Women star is known for her beloved Cooking with Flo videos, a casual cooking series she shares on Instagram. An archive of the goofy clips can be found in highlight reels on Pugh's Instagram with names like "Bowl of beans," "Courgetti time" or "Crunch!" — all of which feature the Oscar nominee's silliness and ease in the kitchen.

Her charisma while cooking isn't owed to her stellar acting skills, but instead it stems from a natural culinary talent that runs in the family.

Her father, Clinton Pugh, owns several restaurants in Oxfordshire, England, each pulling from different cuisines. Per Vogue, Pugh and her three siblings — Arabella, Sebastian and Rafaela — all worked at her father's restaurants.

"There's an enormous amount of power when you're behind a bar," Pugh, 27, told the outlet of her time bartending at the family eateries.

Florence Pugh Vogue Magazine
Florence Pugh Vogue Magazine

Colin Dodgson/Vogue Florence Pugh

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She also has her family to thank for her confidence. The Wonder actress candidly shared with the magazine that, growing up, she was taught to not be self-conscious about her body. This mentality proved to be necessary after Pugh wore a now-infamous sheer pink Valentino dress last July and faced an onslaught of hateful comments.

"I've never been scared of what's underneath the fabric," Pugh told Vogue in her latest feature. "If I'm happy in it, then I'm gonna wear it. Of course, I don't want to offend people, but I think my point is: How can my nipples offend you that much?"

The star also doesn't want her career to dictate her body and told the magazine, "I'm never losing weight to look fantastic for a role. It's more like: How would this character have lived? What would she be eating?"

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Pugh, who plays the lead in ex-boyfriend Zach Braff's upcoming film, A Good Person, is being extra thoughtful when it comes to decorating the kitchen in her new home. Per Vogue, the room in the South London house will have copper surfaces and floors made with natural materials — a perfect backdrop for Cooking with Flo videos.

In a clip for Vogue's winter issue, Pugh made herself comfortable in another kitchen, whipping up vodka martinis and tomato and garlic crostinis.

Instead of her trademark yellow apron with "Florence" embroidered on it that she wears in her Instagram series, Pugh wore a red Alexander McQueen dress while demonstrating her cooking skills.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh/Instagram

Whether it's on a professional set or in Pugh's home, the actress' natural charm and passion for cooking stay true. She goofed around in the intro of the video, putting a metal colander on her head as if it were a hat.

"Cooking has been a huge part of my life," she began. "My dad is a cook. My mom is a cook."

In the spot, the home chef shared wisdom with viewers on her no-stress outlook in the kitchen. "I always like making a few mistakes because, to me, that's where the best food and cooking comes from," she said.