Florence Pugh Says Her Family Moved from England to Spain Due to Her Childhood Breathing Issues

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Taylor Hill/FilmMagic Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh's family once made a major relocation for the sake of her health.

During her episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge, which aired Monday, the 26-year-old actress said her parents and siblings moved from England to Spain during her childhood in part because of a "breathing issue" she had.

"When I was younger, [doctors] kind of just advised that a hotter climate would be better," said Pugh.

The Oscar nominee explained that she has asthma as well as tracheomalacia which, according to Boston Children's Hospital, is "the collapse of the airway when breathing." The condition "can result in recurring respiratory illnesses or make it difficult to recover from a respiratory illness," they add.

"From a young age, I've just had a different breathing system," Pugh shared. "But now as an adult, unless I get ill, it doesn't really affect me as intensely as it did when I was younger."

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Florence Pugh x Running Wild with Bear Grylls
Florence Pugh x Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Ben Simms/National Geographic Bear Grylls and Florence Pugh

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Aside from the relocation for her health, the Don't Worry Darling actress told Bear Grylls that her parents moved forward with it "for adventure," in the sense that they "just wanted to live somewhere else, and have a portion of our lives that was different."

"And it really was fun. My parents were young and had three kids and decided to just 'vamanos,' " Pugh said. "It was wicked. I want to do that when I'm older, as well. It's such a nice way of just thinking and looking at things, and just picking up and going and living somewhere."

The star — who joined Grylls, 48, for a two-day adventure in the volcanic rainforests of Costa Rica — also opened up about her lifelong love for outside activities, as shown in a clip previously shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

"My gran is a bit of an adrenaline junkie," Pugh said casually. "We'd go climbing, and she still goes now. She's 85. She goes climbing with her friends, and she's very jealous that I'm here right now."

"She wants to come," the Midsommar actress continued, explaining that her grandmother had asked for an invitation to their next adventure.

The clip cut to Pugh's grandma for a moment, who was standing in the woods on her "daily dog walk." Grylls responded by saying, "Welcome to Running Wild with Florence and Granny Pat."

During the episode, Pugh was shown learning how to traverse rapids, test river depth with a rope and rock and avoid poisonous snakes and deep cliff edges. Crossing an alligator-infested swamp, she and Grylls caught eel for dinner. On day two, the Black Widow star tested the depth of a waterfall pool before choosing to leap from a high cliff into a set of rapids below.

Other celebrity guests, including fellow Marvel stars Natalie Portman and Simu Liu, are featured on the new show. Each guest learns survival skills and is put to the test out in the wilderness.

Florence Pugh's episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge is now available to stream on Disney+.