Flooded basement? Here’s what you need to know to get water out of your home

Rain has been coming down non-stop Friday, and this can create flooding problems for people in the Miami Valley.

News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott talked to a local plumber about a tool you can use to get water out of your home.

With constant rain, any home can flood. If they do, a sump pump is what can save them from water damage.

>> Strong storm system to bring big impacts to the Miami Valley Friday

Typically, when houses flood the basement is where the most water damage is found.

With a sump pump, it can kick the water outside so it’s not pooling in your home.

“Basically, just eject the water out from underneath the home so that the water doesn’t make its way into basements,” said Josh Ewen, General Operations Manager of Mr. Rooter’s Plumbing.

Ewen says many people in Ohio have more than one sump pump.


“Some people may have to have more than one sump pump. Backup sump pumps,” Ewen said.

The pumps are easy to use.

“They’re pretty much a plug and play system. Just kind of set them in and forget about them,” he said.

He says you just need to check on the filter.

“You should clean your pit out pretty often,” he said. “The sediment can get sucked into the pump itself and mess up the pump.”

Ewen says he will most likely be getting calls Friday night of people asking for him to come to their house to use sump pumps on their flooded basements.