FLETCHER Sinks Into Post-Breakup Grief On ‘Better Version’

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FLETCHER has shared the heavy-hearted “Better Version,” the latest single to be taken from her forthcoming debut album, Girl Of My Dreams.

Described by the fast-rising queer icon as the “flipside” to her recent single “Becky’s So Hot,” “Better Version” replaces that track’s lust-filled lyrics with lines that sink into post-breakup grief.

“It’s a sad reality that after a relationship ends, the next person is going to get the better version of you: the more evolved, more healed, the one who’s worked through their bad habits or communication issues,” FLETCHER said in a press release. “This song is me trying to accept that someone else will get the better version of my ex, and someone else will get the better version of me.”

Do you think of me/When you f__k her?” she sings in typically candid form. “Do you use the moves/The ones we learned?/It’s always the next person/That gets the better version.

“I was crying when I recorded the demo for ‘Better Version,’ and we ended up keeping that vocal instead of re-cutting it,” FLETCHER recalled. “I love that we were able to capture the pure intention of what I felt as I was writing that song.”

“Better Version” follows last week’s (September 2) release of the track “Sting,” which saw the star get hung up on an ex-partner after a relationship has run its course. Previously, FLETCHER has also shared the tracks “Becky’s So Hot” and “Her Body Is A Bible.”

“So much of my past work has been focused on other people and on my relationships: all the people who have broken my heart, all the hearts that I’ve broken,” the singer said.

“For my debut album, it felt right to do a deeper dive into self-exploration and all the different facets that makeup who I am. I wanted it to be the most honest, raw, and complete representation of the complex and sensitive-ass Pisces that I’ve always been. It took a long time and a lot of reflection to create a body of work like that, but it’s important to me that my music comes directly from lived experience.”

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