Fletcher’s Fans Can Pick The Set List For Her ‘Girl Of My Dreams Tour’

FLETCHER, who recently released her acclaimed debut album Girl Of My Dreams, has teamed with VAULT, a new music format, to allow her super fans the power of picking songs not initially on her set list for each night of her sold out “Girl Of My Dreams Tour.”

Since her North American headline tour kicked off on October 10, in Orlando, FL, FLETCHER is inviting fans to choose a “Dream Sequence” ahead of each show that will determine which of the songs from her musical vault she will perform. There are four Dream Sequences to choose from each night (Recurring Dream, Sex Dream, Daydream, and Lucid Dream) which include fan-favorites from her new album as well as successful singles from earlier in her career. The most popular Dream Sequence as picked by the fans for each date will be performed at the show.

But not only are fans picking the songs, each Dream Sequence contains exclusive content from FLETCHER–including a Dream Sequence preview, behind-the-scenes content from each night of the tour, a signed digital set list and more unique offerings.

“Touring has always been about getting to go on a journey with my fans, says FLETCHER. “Being able to share exclusive content through VAULT along with providing an opportunity for my fans who have been there since the beginning to choose which special songs I perform as a surprise in the set each night gives the Fletch Fam in each city the show of their dreams.”

Says VAULT on the collaboration: “From day one our focus has been on creating a new format that respects the relationship between musicians and their fans and allows them to interact and connect on a deeper level. We’re thrilled to partner with an artist like FLETCHER who puts her fans first and is willing to give them a say over her tour and a behind-the-scenes look at her process.”

Visit FLETCHER’s official VAULT site for more information.

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